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High Hopes Band — Boston-based 70’s style Reggae

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Do you find yourself still haunted by Bob Marley’s ghost? Live anywhere near Boston? You’d probably be interested in the excellent High Hopes Band. Full disclosure: I met HHB’s leader, Jason Dick, back in the 90s when we both were in Grateful Dead cover group American Beauty. Since then, Jason has moved onto producing exclusively reggae music, using its 1970’s trademark sound as a cornerstone. Personally I think it suits him well. The band has a great groove, and some of these guys have been at it an awfully long time.

How does Jason describe High Hopes’ music? “The stuff you’d only here if honestly were into the Rastafari movement. I prefer to call it orthodox, because a lot of the singers and musicians were part of one Rastafari order or another.” They are widely considered to be one of Boston’s best reggae bands.

They are currently planning their first CD release, and also have plans for touring other parts of the USA. For the moment, give a listen on their reverbnation page and if you like what you hear, go check them out!


Written by glennfink

July 13, 2011 at 9:59 am

Posted in music, reggae, songwriter

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