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Memphis 59 – Ragged But Right is a smart release with an even keel

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Memphis 59 is a country-tinged roots-rock band from Arlington, Virginia whose 2009 “Ragged But Right” CD for some reason got me thinking about Del Amitri’s hit “Roll To Me” from the 90s, as it’s informed by that kind of well-crafted radio-readiness.

There’s perhaps a slight Rolling Stones feel on a few tracks (especially “Knock Me Out”), and a slight twang in lead singer Scott Kurt’s voice. All 12 songs are original, and would be right at home on a contemporary rock radio station playlist. Pretty high quality songwriting and musicianship overall, and very nicely produced to boot. If you’re wondering how NOT to clutter a mix, this is a good case study. Definitely one of the most consistently satisfying rock CDs that I’ve heard come out of DC area in the last few years.

Probably my favorite track is the opener, “Me, Myself and Eyes,” but the whole thing is solid. Check out a few tracks on their reverberation page.

You can pick up Memphis 59’s Ragged But Right disc at CD Baby or iTunes.


Written by glennfink

July 15, 2011 at 10:53 am

Posted in rock, songwriter, virginia

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